Exporting AFRICAN WOOD since 1999

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We are exports of wood logs from Cameroon, Congo, and Gabon. We export various species of logs such as : Afromosia,

Tali, sipo, iroko, doussié,pachyloba, bubinga, wengue,zingana, azobé, sapelli, teak,padouk, okan, movingui, okoume, ayous, and many others species … Our Minimum diameter varies from a wood specy to another 28+ for accacia logs, 30+ for teak square  and up to 100 for iroko.
We will be very happy to  be your  african hardwood logs supplier.

Logs Grade.

We export all sort og logs Grade, from Grade A do grade C. our logs products  are  very selected  and  our main focus is our customers  satisfaction.


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Looking for a professional and stable supplier for african hardwood and softwood? do not hesitate.

We offer top grade logs and lumber for our customers satisfaction.