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AFRICAN WOOD CONTRACTORS  was founded in 1999 and has been a family run business for more than 20 years. It is today one of the AFRICA’s leading timber companies, and  without doubt one of top 5  wood suppliers in Cameroon.

Almost 4.5 million hectares of forest are operated under AWC-owned concessions in the heart of Central Africa (Cameroon,Gabon and Congo).

These operations concern production, processing and trade of logs, sawn timber and plywood from a wide range of timber species. The group’s strength lies in the integration of its activities all the way from the product’s origin until it is placed on the market.

African Wood Contractors is represented in the following countries :

– Cameroon – Congo – Gabon – Vietnam – China – Italy and Germany.

Our Team

With its professional team entirely devoted to client's satisfaction, AWC stands as the best supplier you need when it comes to buying wood products from Cameroon, and Africa.

Achid TANI


My devotion  and passion for african timber , hardwood and softwood species have brought me to a top supplier level. I'm proud of being at  the head of such a wonderful group and working with amzing and serious business partners. Keep going AWC&C Sarl

Pascal ASSIA


It is a big pleasure being the General Manager of such a wonderful company. The most important and yet fascinating part of it is the fact of always being congratulated by satisfied. I'm proud of this consideration from my CEO, Mr. Jacob GENE, and I will always  be devoted to satisfy all customer for any single order



Replacing Miss Angela Gene, recently dismissed, I will manage all your wood inquiries. from RFQ to shipping, i will always be dedicated to serve.

Our Core Values

Bring to the table win-win strategies to ensure total satisfaction between AWC and its clients.

Looking for a professional and stable supplier for african hardwood and softwood? do not hesitate.

We offer top grade logs and lumber for our customers satisfaction.